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Habib Lab

Stem Cell Biology  |  Developmental Engineering

Homeostasis  |  Regeneration  |  Tumorigenesis

Department of Biomedical Sciences

Université de Lausanne

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About Our Lab

Stem cells have the ability to make more stem cells (self-renew) and also to give rise to differentiated cells. We are interested in the external and internal cues that regulate mammalian stem cell division and cell fate choice. We aim to study and compare these cues during homeostasis, tissue regeneration and tumorigenesis. Additionally, we are interested in the parallels between cellular mechanisms in adult regeneration and embryonic development.  

Many questions about tissue formation: 

1. What intracellular and extracellular molecular cues control stem cell division and fate specification?

2. How do cells sort and self-organise to generate tissues?

3. How can we direct stem cell division to engineer organised human tissue models in vitro for regenerative medicine applications?

We are also especially interested in the interaction between ageing and metabolism, and the effect of both on stem cell function & regenerative potential.

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News & Events

Our novel technology for bone regeneration was featured on CBS News. You can watch the coverage below:

Check out the latest news from the Habib Lab here:

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