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EMBO Workshop - September 2021

Dr Shukry Habib will be speaking at the upcoming EMBO symposium on "Long-distance cell-cell communication in development and disease".

The focus of this EMBO Workshop will be to compare and contrast recent exciting findings that illuminate the mechanisms of signalling filopodia and extracellular vesicle release; in particular the processes of production and release of membrane-bound morphogens, intercellular trafficking, and uptake of these signalling components. More information about the meeting, including the full line-up of speakers and registration details, can be found here:

The deadline for registration is 4th June 2021.

Many thanks to Dr Steffen Scholpp (University of Exeter, UK) and the co-organisers, Dr Isabel Guerrero (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, ES), Dr Thomas Kornberg (University of California San Francisco, US), Dr Sally Rogers (University of Exeter, UK), and Daniel Routledge (University of Exeter, UK) for this opportunity to discuss exciting advances in cell signalling research.


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